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I am a Japanese foodie and a nutrition enthusiast who has lived outside of Japan for over 20 years.  I have seen a renaissance in the cooking cultures in different parts of the world. It is not hard to obtain exotic ingredients anymore and people are open to experimenting with new ideas. We are much more aware of choice, not only for our benefit, such as quality and price, but also to look after our planet for our children.  It certainly makes me feel good to be concerned about things even if it is a little more effortful.

So I have created this website to connect with people who are interested in Japanese cooking trying to use local ingredients as much as possible.  It is my small effort to take part in environmentally friendly activities.  However, the basic ingredients for seasoning and making stock are mainly from Japan.  Still, I would like to keep searching for substitutes here in the U.K and Europe.  Please join me so we can share information to create delicious and healthy meals!

Teruko Chagrin


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