Habanero Chili paste 超激辛ハバネロチリペースト


Habanero paste 激辛ハバネロペースト 014-001

I bought the chili called Scotch Bonnet, because it is very similar in heat and flavour and available in some local stores.  Usually I have to go to London to find habanero.  Both chilies are deadly hot and you need to handle with extreme care.  In the picture, I am using thin gloves, but they were not good enough to keep the hot essence away from my skin.  You need a pair of heavy rubber gloves to handle them and wash your hands thoroughly, both with the gloves and without the gloves.  AND keep your hands away from any sensitive spot on the face or body for at least twelve hours afterwards.  Never take your contact lenses out with your fingers on the day like I did….  (o)

Habanero paste 激辛ハバネロペースト 006


Habanero or Scotch Bonnet chili  100g

Garlic  1 bulb

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil  150ml

Habanero paste 激辛ハバネロペースト 008

1.      Peel all the garlic cloves then cut the stems off.

2.      Wear a pair of heavy rubber gloves then wash the chilies and wipe them well.

3.      Cut them in half and take the stalks and the seeds out using a spoon.  (Try not to touch the sliced surface even with the gloves on.)

4.      Put the garlics, chilies and the oil into a food processor then turn it on until all the ingredients become a smooth paste.  (Wearing a mask would help not to breath in the chili in the air. Usually I hold my breath then quickly evacuate the kitchen for few minutes.)

5.      Keep the window open or have a fan extractor on! – In fact today’s Scotch bonnet wasn’t as hot as I expected at all : (

6.      Bottle the paste with a spoon.  Keep the spare bottles in the freezer.


Use the habanero paste in tomato sauce, casserole or even a tiny spread on bruschetta, you will find it’s worth making it with all the troubles ; )

Habanero paste 激辛ハバネロペースト 010




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